to a higher awareness"

By Laila Barzeski

Led by Michal Lichtman 

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Are you aware of the difficulties in your life and what constitutes them?

The pain and where it meets you?

The repetitive patterns that are hard to "get rid of"?

Want to live in happiness and love?❣️

With a sense of inner peace and flow?❣️

  To release mental and physical stress?❣️

The Answer:
Your frequencies should be synchronized

What are these frequencies?

Just like on the radio, when the frequencies are not tuned, there are interferences in reception–the same applies to us.

When our frequencies are not in sync, there is an interference in the flow, and that causes disturbances in life⚡️

What will we learn in the meeting? 

The laws of creation -✨How to live life with balanced frequencies✨

We will realize what a “higher awareness connection” is, what a frequency is, and how it all can change my life.

Will we understand what frequency is?

In everything in nature - still life vegetation, and living creatures, there is a frequency.

We humans have hundreds of frequencies, with and through we conduct ourselves in the world.


Will we understand how these frequencies affect our daily lives?

What happens when a frequency is not working?

Over the years, our frequencies have been impaired (out of sync), following life events, difficulties, opinions, thoughts, and fears.

When the frequency is impaired by the addition of disturbances, these disturbances are expressed on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

So how do we fix and balance them?

When creation saw that all of humanity and us individuals needed help,

She “downloaded” a set of frequencies called “connection to higher awareness” through Laila Barezeski that channels them. The frequencies have been channeled for over 16 years.

How does this happen❓

How is this done in practice❓

What do I need in order to fix my Frequencies❓

Is it difficult / complicated❓

✨It’s easier than can imagine, and most importantly, it allows for relief. 💫