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Michal is a yoga and meditation teacher who has spent the last 20 years making her practice accessible and effective for everyone. She is a head injury survivor who has used principles of alignment to heal herself and others, and her teachings focus on self-empowerment and building strength. She helps students explore self-healing, recognize personal freedom, and leave with self-help tools, a sense of grounding, and feeling supported, free, and at peace. 

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‘’It is simple, it is not magic, but it is magical.
Welcome to yourself!”🧚
                                                      - Michal

Michal's Story

​Michal's knowledge comes from an incredible journey of personal survival and recovery. She is a head injury survivor and used principles of Alignment to heal herself and others. Her teaching inspires self-empowerment and coaches self-development and strength building “with a smile”.

With sensitivity she brings students the confidence to trust themselves and to realize their full potential on their path to inner light. She helps explore self healing, recognizing personal freedom with conscious participation. Students leave with self-help tools, a sense of grounding, and feeling supported, free, and at peace.

Michal founded in May of 2008 with the intention to support Peace in the Middle East, with the belief and understanding that each and every individual can find freedom within–can feel free.


Michal is an ERYT 500, a dedicated student of yoga and meditation since 2001. She holds the following certifications:

  • Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher.

  • Certified Ariel Yoga Teacher.

  • Certified Soul Sweat Asana Yoga Teacher

  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

  • Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Michal volunteers teaching in different communities with varied needs, alongside her regular classes, workshops, immersions and Teacher Trainings.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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