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💫1 Minute Meditation - Healing is OUR Responsibility❣️

Is your heart Is your heart in pain💔?


✨Read this important message🎯

Healing is OUR responsibility!!!

That pain in your heart is telling you ➡️ You are in chaos inside of your mind ➡️that needs to be healed!!! ✨when you have negative thoughts ➡️ they causes pains in your heart, that pain causes 💔➡️ and manifests as pains in your body✨

To change it- Practice This video 3 times every day💫 It will release negative energy in your mind and body and will help inner healing ✨💫 Instructions - Close your eyes ✨ Imagine the light💫 ✨ Inhale-and let light come into your body ✨ Exhale- and let difficult thoughts leave your body ✨ Inhale and let more light come in and grow in your 💚✨💫✨ ✨ Exhale and let pains leave your mind and heart (it helps even if you do not understand). 3 times a day EVERY day It is not a magic, but it is magical.Welcome to yourself!”🧚‍♀️ ✨This video contains healing vibrations of Light and Unconditional Love 💖💫 #Breath#renewal#energies#innerlight#peacewithin#inspiration#Inspirations#healingenergy#peacestartsfrom_within#Toxin#Negativity#Anger#Jealousy#guilty Music credit דוביק גל Dovik Gal מוזיקאי יוצר ומטפל - מוזיקה תדרית בצלילים לנפש וללב


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