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💫1 Minute Meditation - Reconnect With Your Inner Light❣️

✨We All Compensate and It causes us Pains and Darkness in our mind and body✨

To reconnect with your Inner Light practice this-

✨1 minute x 3 per day💫

It will release negative energy from your mind and body…

Close your eyes

✨Imagine the light💫

✨Inhale-and let light come into your body

✨Exhale- and let darkness leave your body

✨With every inhale the light grow and connect to your center✨💫✨

✨With exhale difficulty and pain are leaving your mind and body

✨This video contains healing frequencies with Light and Unconditional Love💚💫

Music credit דוביק גל Dovik Gal מוזיקאי יוצר ומטפל - מוזיקה תדרית בצלילים לנפש וללב


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